About Us

This is really About YOU, not About Us.

It’s about your child’s baptism.  It’s your grand-daughter’s christening.  It’s your wedding. It’s your way of remembering a loved one.  It’s you celebrating a wonderful event.

Life’s special moments or important, meaningful occasions deserve more than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product.

Welcome to Candles Online – your place for personalised candles made just for you, with love.

We have been handcrafting personalised candles for over 14 years and have become one of Australia’s longest running and largest provider of personalised candles.

We care about every candle we make.  That is why we send our candle design proofs to you, so you can see exactly what your candle will look like and can easily make adjustments if needed.

So… Create your personalised candle today.